Available on project based. Please contact us if your projects require 450mm, 600mm or larger shutter blades

For external application.

Available in Aluminium only.


Trade Mark Aero Design
Material Aluminium
Blade Profile Elliptical Contour Shape
Design Horizontally Placed Elliptical Blades
operating Cogently via patented ‘Louvre Mover’
fully integrated operating system
Blade Operating Range 350º
Projection 275 mm
Blade size 600mm wide
Total Mass Kg/ m² 30Kg
Suitability Security / High Impact / Exterior
Blade Grouping Customizable –
Equal if not specified
Open vista approximately 550mm Clear Opening
Pitch of Blade(Centres) approximately 580mm
Section Rail 60mm x 60mm
Stile 60mm x 60mm
Max. panel width (Hinged/Slider) 1000/1200mm
Max. Panel height Recommended 2400mm Custom designed to 6.500 metres(Mid Rail required, wind fin designed to suit)
Max. Vertical Mullion Centres Blade Length dependant
Max. operable blade configuration 900 / 1100mm
Mid rail Not required if less than 1800mm subject to width criteria
Stiles 60mm Wide
Frame thickness 60mm
Top rails 60mm x 60mm
Bottom rails 60mm x 60mm
Finishes Anondized or Select from Powdercoat range
Blade Configurations Horizontal / Vertical
Panel Configurations Inside: Reveal Mount Hinged
Outside: Face Mount Hinged
Removable Drop Fixed
Options Pre-hinged and framed Architrave or
Z Mould (ready to install)
Supply only panel only (self install)
Supply and installation quoted
Hardware Key Locks, Star Pin Drop Bolts, Hinges, Flush bolts, draft excluder, touch-up paint