About Shutters R Us

Shutters R Us is a wholly owned and operated Australian business. We're based in Mascot near the international airport and also handy to the Port of Botany therefore local and international logistics are favourable to us.

We sell an exclusive range of Plantation Shutters and Louvres which include world patented actuation technology(see Patent Certificates). This “no tilt rod” operating system distinguishes our Shutters from any in the world as the most elegant discreetly designed product in the market.

The WoodMate®, Louver Mover™, and LouverMate® systems are produced and marketed globally to manufacturers and resellers by Shutter Motion which is part of our family group.

Shutters R Us sell through their factory outletsas well as servicing large commercial projects Australia wide and export their famous Shutters all over the globe.

Shutters R Us has set the benchmark by which all other shutter manufacturers are judged by first innovating the operability of the traditional plantation shutter and then further developing Louvres, framing systems motorization and composite technology.

Shutters R Us manufactures and retails a unique plantation shutter range utilizing the patented actuation in either Western Red Cedar, Glass or Aluminium and they are suitable for either Interior or Exterior use.

Shutters R Us carries a range of exclusive and custom designed Hardware and Accessories to suit our Shutter and Louvre products.

Shutters R Us has introduced a licensed business network in Australia to manufacture and retail the patented range of WoodMate®, Louver Mover®, and LouverMate® products.

Potential buyers of Plantation Shutters are advised to ask for the "No Tilt Rod" system from any reseller rather than taking an inferior no option stick controlled shutter. Its available to any manufacturer or reseller with reasonable volumes direct through Shutter Motion or its distributors.

Shutters R Us manufacture our own products and are currently capable of up to 1000 shutter panels per week from our Sydney operations. Our Showrooms feature working models of hinged, sliding and bi-folding shutters as well as manual and remote control operated systems. The facilities are also used as training centers for our resellers and overseas manufacturers.

Just some of our Patents & Trademarks

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