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Lead Times

For Residential Projects we can generally produce your order within 3 to 4 weeks of site measure. Because we make the shutters right here in Botany NSW we have the agility to accelerate your project for such things as saving costs on scaffold, coordinating with other trades etc. Time is money.

Lead Times for Residential vary according to size of project, colour, standard format or customised.

Think ahead advice:

Visit Us or email us with queries, simple sketch idea, photos of similar installations you have seen and like

get a Quote so that you can budget for what you expect

Set a Timeline such as Agreed Design, Involve other trades or your Architect to minimize any conflicts in pre-lims

Sign an Order to get the initial materials allocated, extrusions made, fabrication started, paints order etc

Negotiate with us how to say  supply the initial fixings early so that other trades can close in around our fixings ( such as Wall Brackets need flashing, or Slider Channels need to be set into tiles etc

Do what you can to lessen cost of Scaffold by splitting the main order into an expedited item order (we are happy to work with you on this type of scheduling)