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Traditional Decorative External Shutters

Decorative Exterior Shutters have much appeal with home owners and Architects alike who may have a Traditional or Neo Classical residence or Commercial Project that is in keeping with the style these shutters suit. 

Our Aluminium Decorative Shutters add a statement or a finishing touch to an often simple window set out much the same way architraves, corbels and plaster profiles are used on facades as enhancements.

Traditional Shutters have been used to express external window settings  as far back as the mid 1700s in USA estates, city buildings etc and much before that in European Castles and grand residences, many have somehow stood the test of time  some 600 years in fact.

Choose our Decorative External Shutters to improve the facade at your home.  Visualise your frontage widows with one shutter each side of the window openings (they don’t need to be say 1/2 or 1/4 o fetch width as most installations look well balanced at an arbitrary width of 300mm to 450mm no matter the width size of window. Decorative Shutters are exactly that, they do not open/close, they just sit there fixed and looking great!

So….Replace those tired rotted, paint flaking old wood shutters with our Powder Coated Aluminium Traditional Shutters which don’t deteriorate.

You can Wash them down with a hose or jet wash without any worry. The paint won’t flake off of maintained properly, lust clean them as you would your car.

Easy Self Install as a DIY. The Shutters have the same 45mm or 60mm profile as the wooden shutters of yesteryear and offer a maintenance free enhancement to heritage homes as well as contemporary architecture.
Other uses include Interior Room Dividers when linked to two or more shutter panels, External Privacy Screens, Internal Window Block Out Shutters.
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