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Cupola 35370

Shutters R Us Cupola 35370 Utility Fixed Louvre

This Cupola Profile is one of 10 Utility Louvre Profiles suited to Ventilation, Acoustic and Utility Screening.
Cuploa 35370 is offered as a single stage profile with simple secure backing clip connections enabling blades to be continuous up to 5 metres long or fabricated within a frame.
Our Cupola Louvre suits plant room enclosures, air conditioning cabinets, access panels, venting roof tops, light-wells and general screening. As with all of our Shutters and Louvres Cupola can be fitted with vermin proof SS backing mesh, insect screens, Intruder Proof Screen or SS Bird Mesh.
Quick Ref: Aluminium / Fixed / 10 Profiles / 1,2 or 3 stages / Vermin, Insect,Bird, Intruder Mesh / X, Y,Z Orientation / Fire Rating BAL 12.5





Cupola Range

Shutters R Us Cupola 300 Series Chevron   Fixed Louvre Range

 3 stage 7090 Single Stage 35366 Single Stage 35370A Single Stage 35374 Single Stage 353602 Stage 7060

Features and Benefits
Trade Mark                                                                     Cupola
Material                                                                            Aluminium
Blade Profile                                                               Chevron Geometric Shape
Design                                                                           Horizontally Fixed Weather Louvres
Louvre Sizes                                                                   Single Stage to Triple Stage Varies 73 w-150mm width
Projection                                                                    Louvre Profile remains with the specified Frame Type no projection
Total Mass Kg/ m²                                                    10Kg/m2 for single stage without frame
Suitability                                                                        Exterior Plantrooms, Air Circulation Registers, Privacy Screens, Car Park Louvre
Open Vista                                                                   Zero to any pitch 
Pitch of Louvres(Centres)                                       Standard is 70mm achieves 32% open space ratio   then vary to any pitch
Frame Section                                                            Standard is 100 x 40 Window Section includes head and sill, sub sill  
Max Framed Panel width                                        Back Supported profiles = 3.600mm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Max. Panel height                                                    No Height limit subject to design approvals
Blade Length                                                              5.9 m to 6.5 m depending on profile
Mid rail                                                                        Not Required
Finishes                                                                           All Powder Coat Range and Anodized 
Blade Configurations                                                Horizontal
Panel Configurations                                                Inside: Within Reveal, Hinge Mount, Drop Fix Removable
Options                                                                            Pre-hinged and pre framed (ready to install) or knockdown (Self Install)
Hardware                                                                       Locks, Hinges, Flush bolts, Z Mould,  Catches                                                                                                           

Supply and / or installation quoted