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Millennium Balustrades


Introduction and Features


50 x 50 mm structural grade 6082 T6 Aluminium with high magnesium content with integrated glazing pockets and exclusive 'Spider Web Core. Posts may be 180º, 90º or single glazed rebate endpost as required in the design configuration.

Post Fixing:

It has many applications including air conditioning venting, vertical screening, balustrading. The blade projection is only 31mm and therefore fits nearly all reveal conditions for installation.


The selected top rail is to be INSERT as manufactured by Shutters R Us Franchising Systems (Aust) Pty Ltd or approved contractor (02) 80911636
Email Us. The handrail is discreetly fixed to the post via Shutters R Us Franchising Systems (Aust) Pty Ltd designed corner stake. There are no visible fixings.

Bottom Rail:

The selected bottom rail is to be INSERT rectangular bevelled edged model, which complies with the foothold criteria of the BCA climbability clause D2.16 (g) (ii) (A) and is able to be secured on the edge of the hob. Bottom rail measures 37 x 28 mm with integrated glazing pocket and is to be fixed hard to structural slab or hob substract. Alternatively the straight rectangular bottom rail 37 x 28 mm may be specified.

Infill Panels:

The infill is to be Clear Toughened / Laminated Coloured Safety Glass with edge work as required ( fully captured , partly captured or exposed polished edgework.


The structural integrity of the balustrade must conform to BCA 1170.1 and 1170.2 AS/NZS 1170.1:2002 Structural design actions - Permanent, imposed and other actions and supplement - Commentary AS/NZS 1170.2 Supp 1:2002 Structural design actions - Wind actions - Commentary (c) The "Climbability Clause" restrictions D2.16 (g) (ii) (A) of BCA.PDF and CAD Architecturals and Graphics are available by email request or mail out hard copy. Certification of compliance from Manufacturer to be submitted at tender. This specification to be read in conjunction with:

  • AS 1231 (Anodized Coatings)
  • 20 micron minimum required for unspecified use
  • 25micron required for marine environment
  • AS 3715-1989 (Powder Coating)
  • 7 year limited Applicator Warranty standard
  • 10 year High Durability Warranty (optional)
  • AS 1926.1-1993 (Fencing for Swimming Pools)
  • AS 1926.2-1995 (Swimming Pool Safety)
  • AS 1170.1-1989 (SAA Loading Code)
  • AS 1992 (Swimming Pools Act)
  • AS 1170.2-1989 (SAA Loading Code)
  • AS 1288- 1989 Selection and Installation
  • 1994 (5.14 Glass in Buildings) Draft revision currently tabled (1/06/02)
  • AS 1874-1988 (Alloys & Castings)
  • (Light gauge aluminium, low Magnesium content and unapproved welded systems will not comply)
  • AS 1428 (Access and Mobility)


Beware of non-conforming Balustrades deficient by way of one or more of the following:

  • Indirect base plate fixing methods including Dyna bolt equivalent
  • Light Gauge Aluminium sections (AS 1170)
  • Non-mating hybrid designs
  • Low Magnesium and non-structural Alloys 1874-1988 (Aluminium Alloys)
  • Ferrous (steel) integrated parts which will cause cathodic corrosion
  • Unprocessed laminated glass prone to delaminate especially if balustrade has exposed side fixing
  • Unstamped float glass in lieu of certified toughened glass.(AS 1288)
  • Untested 2 part post (split post systems)structures (AS 1170)
  • AS 1170.1-1989 (SAA Loading Code)
  • Uncertified pre treated Powder Coat procedure (AS 3715)