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Orientation of Blades

Options of attaching our profiles to your building … send us an email or refer to our drawing files

Eliptical Blades /

WALL MOUNT – example -vertical on the face of the building. May be supported by Millennium Superpost with birds-mouth rebates cut in to suit any angle. We also have a birds- mouth bracket which can be attached to any support profile. Available for 90, 115, 160 and 200 Eliptical Blades.

OVERHEAD – (horizontal to the vertical wall) example Sun Awning. The attachment here is usually via projected supports secured to the wall or structural member such as an edge beam. The bracket then supports the array of blades. Angles can be set to solar angles or for aesthetic positioning. Spacing of blades can be variable. Suits all blade and geometric profiles. 

FIXED – ( Orientation of the profiles related to the face of the building) Vertical, Horizontal, Angular. Facades of Commercial Buildings comes to mind as do wall treatments of residential projects where plain walls, parapets or balconies are being transformed with interesting geometric profiling.

OPERABLE – Manual, Automated. We have a few choices here to consider if your project requires operability. Solar control usually means operating your sun screening to suit day or seasonal control. Manual control is a simple and practical option with little of no extra cost to have this option within the design. Automation needs to be considered for out of reach or specific control setting.

Geometric Profiles /

WALL MOUNT (vertical) to face of building

OVERHEAD (horizontal) eg batten type Sun Awnings, or Pergolas

FIXED – Vertical, Horizontal, Angular

Utility Profiles /

WALL MOUNT (vertical)

OVERHEAD (horizontal)

FIXED – Vertical, Horizontal, Angular