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Residential Interior

Aluminium Plantation Shutters are the perfect enhancement to Bathrooms, Ensuites , Powder Rooms and areas such as Laundries and Drying Rooms because our Shutters are absolutely guaranteed to handle any amount of moisture and heat and even direct water without any consequence. Aluminium Shutters cannot rust or Warp or Twist out of shape like Timber Shutters such as Basswood Shutters and Re-Engineered wooden shutters will do. Do your research then visit our factory talk to the staff who make and install these in homes like yours, they are technicians not sales people so they tell it like it is. Our Aluminium Shutters look and feel just like our painted timber shutters and are the best choice for damp or steam affected rooms.  Sample are available when you visit. 

Our Aluminium Shutters are offered with options such as Internal Blade Group Locking for guaranteed privacy, ShutterGard full Security Zero Intrusion Plantation Shutters for absolute peace of mind. We have 4 different sized blades we suggest suited to Bathroom settings. Our Classic 90 is this most popular and you can see examples of this profile in our Gallery  Our Petite45 is the smallest of our blade profiles and also is a popular choice in Laundries, Ironing Rooms, and Apartment close living and storage / Laundry areas.