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Services- Repairs to any Make of Shutters and Louvres

Shutters R Us manufacture our own design/build products. Our products are guaranteed under clear warranty performance guidelines to be fit for the purpose. With the exception of the specialized Horiso range of EVB, we do not re manufacture or resell other manufacturers products.
Due to the popularity of internal shutters especially, we have found our repair service is a welcomed remedy for Landlords of rental properties, Strata Committees, and home owners.

We  Repair Plantation Shutters and Louvres and Screens of various types and manufacturers.

Shutters R Us created a service division simply because there wasn’t a remedy for home owners or Commercial Property Managers to investigate the faults and failures of their installations and obtain quotes or options for the repair or replacement of Aluminium or Timber Plantation Shutters,Louvres,Screens etc of various types.
We can offer a full Inspection and Report Service on single residential installations to large Commercial Projects.
These reports take into account such details as fit for purpose, viability of repair or pursuing the original supplier for compensation. Engineering studies and conclusions, Remedial Reporting, Replacement Proposals are offered on Commercial Projects.
We repair the typical Chinese Painted Basswood Shutters which are found in many homes and apartments. If found to be beyond repair we will provide a replacement quote of a a similar but superior made shutter with performance warranties.
Just email us a few pictures of your damaged shutters and jot down the rough sizes of the shutters along with your address. We will reply quickly and arrange the best way to view the problems. You are welcome to bring the shutter to our factory to save costs of removal or we will do the removal and reinstall.


Examples: Basswood Shutters Broken Pins and Broken Tilt Rod Staples. Fitting a Replacement Blade.  Damage to Painted Basswood Shutter Blade

You make like to DIY Repair just let us know what parts you are after we will check our inventory. Remember most shutters are imported and we have found re sellers are reluctant to assist with supplying parts so most often we must make these parts.   

      and others