Code Compliance

Cyclone Test Report (21Kb PDF file)

A test report on wind loading. Suited to high velocity Terrain Catagories and Cyclone Rating.

Rural Fire Services Act AS 3959 using 1.8mm aperture stainless steel screening at the rear of the Aluminium panel. We use Non Combustable materials in our Fire rated Planation Shutters thereby meeting the criteria of AS 3959.

Live Load and Wind Loads on Balustrades and use of Shutters as Balustrades. This unique compliance relies on our internal Stainless Steel tensioned wire system integrated in each blade and terminated into the structural stile. The shuttergard insertion to minimum 1000mm high satisfies the code. It may be specified for the full panel height also and in specific cases is inserted .

Note: An adjacent balustrade may not be designed so as to allow the traversing of a foot hold element.

Only our Patented system 'ShutterGard' satisfies the specific compliance with the structural integrity of the balustrade code and must conform to AS 1170.1 and 1170.2 AS/NZS 1170.1:2002 Structural design actions - Permanent, imposed and other actions and supplement - Commentary AS/NZS 1170.2 Supp 1:2002 Structural design actions - Wind actions - Commentary (c) The "Climbability Clause" restrictionsof BCA D2.16 (g) (ii) (A) of BCA. Please be aware that the blades must be in the closed (downwards) position between 150mm from floor and 760mm to comply with landings conditions over 4 mtres fall. Furthermore and importantly the blades must be able to withstand climbing or load as expressed in BCA1.2 if acting as a Balustrade. The Shutter panels may not act as a Balustrade without satisfying SAA Loading Code which in summary requires a superstructure to the opening to meet the requirments of code.The Millennium SuperPost System complies with such code and forms an integral part of the overall system we endorse.

We refer to Australian and NZ Standards for all Compliance Certification:

AS 1231 (Anodized Coatings)
25micron required for marine environment
AS 3715-1989 (Powder Coating)
10 year High Durability Warranty (optional)
AS 1926.1-1993 (Fencing for Swimming Pools)
AS 1926.2-1995 (Swimming Pool Safety)
AS 1170.1 -1989 (SAA Loading Code)
AS 1992 (Swimming Pools Act)
AS 1170.2-1989 (SAA Loading Code)
AS 1288- 1989 Selection and Installation
1994 (5.14 Glass in Buildings) Draft revision currently
tabled (1/06/02)
AS 1874-1988 (Alloys & Castings)
(Light gauge aluminium, low Magnesium content and
unapproved welded systems will not comply)
AS 1428 (Access and Mobility) AS 2047 Windows Selection and Installation


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